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The next meeting of the LibreWaterloo will be with the online LibreOffice Conference in Bucharest, Romania - 20-23 September, 2023. 

"LibreOffice Conference 2023 will be organized by a group of volunteers from the 1&1 software company, which is integrating LibreOffice into the Online Office product for GMX and WEB.DE portals, at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers of the University Politehnica of Bucharest from Wednesday, September 20 (community meetings), to Saturday, September 23. The conference will open on Thursday, September 21, with the opening session followed by technical tracks, and will end on Saturday, September 23, with the closing session. All conference sessions will be at the Precis Building (picture on the left), while areas for internal meetings (scheduled on September 18 and 19), informal meetings during the conference, and networking activities will also be in neighbouring buildings inside the university campus." More information on the LibreOffice site at https://www.libocon.org/2023/.

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Marc Paré,
LibreWaterloo Coordinator

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Barry Shantz
Benjamin Tompkins
Mikalai Birukou
Marc Paré

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Past Meetings
  • Missing information is forthcoming -- Marc
  • SEPTEMBER 28 - OCTOBER 1 -LibreOffice Conference Online
  • WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 13, 2019 -- How to submit bugs and LibreOffice Bugzilla
  • December, 2019 -- Social event -- CANCELLED
  • WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8, 2020 -- How to "build, run and hack" LibreOffice code
  • WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2020 -- LibreOffice -- The Software and its Various Modules
  • WEDNESDAY APRIL 8, 2020 -- LibreOffice -- online and on Android *** POSTPONED TO MAY ***
  • WEDNESDAY MAY 13, 2020 -- LibreOffice -- online and on Android *** POSTPONED TO JUNE ***
  • WEDNESDAY JUNE 10, 2020 -- Collabora Online Office Suite - based on LibreOffice online code -- thanks to Collabora for their support
  • WEDNESDAY JULY 8, 2020 -- LibreOffice Powered by CIB -- thanks to CIB Software GmbH for their support
  • WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5, 2020 -- How to Contribute on the LibreOffice Documentation Team -- A Primer
  • Presentation cancelled, but will be rescheduled at a later date
    •  Presentation cancelled, but will be rescheduled at a later date
    •  The substituted topic touched on the new release of LibreOffice v. 7.0.0 and data security/ownership.
  • WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 -- Localization of the LibreOffice UI - A Primer
  • WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7, 2020 -- LibreOffice LibreLogo
  • Missing information is forthcoming -- Marc
  • WEDNESDAY MAY 11, 2021 -- cancelled
  • WEDNESDAY JUNE 16, 2021, cancelled
  • WEDNESDAY JULY 14, 2021, Bug wrangling, TDF/LibreOffice News Updates
  • SEPTEMBER 23-25 LIbreOffice Conference Online


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